Image by Lauren Mancke

Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying


”I am now eating better and enjoying it. My energy level has increased and I have control over cravings. I learned about the importance of good meal planning, vitamins, and food prepping. I'm also paying less attention to the number on the scale and really go by how I feel.”

- C.S., Westfield, NJ

“I started working with Nora after being diagnosed with Lupus. Nora recommended certain anti-inflammatory foods that would help improve my symptoms and guided me away from others that would make them worse. Since working with Nora I saw complete resolution of my wrist and knee joint inflammation! I would recommend Nora to everyone but especially women who are looking to adopt an overall health change and need someone to help focus them and to empathetically encourage them to get back on track when they fall off.” 

M.S., Syracuse, NY

“Within the first three months of working with Nora, I was down 7lbs, my clothes fit me better and I felt better! Even my overall blood sugar levels were lower! She held me accountable and shared recipes, knowledge and ideas I never would have thought of! Nora is amazing! She is full of positive energy, so encouraging but also funny, sympathetic and realistic.”

K.A., Westfield, NJ