Stress, Anxiety, Low Energy, Weight Gain,  Bloating, Irritability? I can help!

Did you know that the foods you eat have a direct correlation to the existence or non-existence of these symptoms? When you work with me I can help you navigate the incredibly complex and ever changing world of health and nutrition and offer a plan that works for your individual goals and circumstances. You will feel in control of your eating habits, gain more energy and overall feel happier in your own skin.

I offer a variety of programs to help meet your individual needs and financial realities. The start of every program includes a FREE 45 minute health history consultation where we will review the different programs and decide which one is best for you. 

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Health Consultation

During this initial 45 minute complementary session we will review your health history, establish your goals and determine what holistic health program is best for you. During this initial meeting we will review the programs and pricing to determine which is most suitable for you.

Read to get started? Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will be in touch ASAP! 

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1x1 Health Coaching

During this 6 month program we will meet two times per month, either in person or over the phone. This program is not scripted or pre planned in the traditional sense, rather each program will be unique to each individual client and will be structured based on the goals established during the initial health history meeting. I will work to identify what motivates you and what holds you back and use this knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals.


Recipe Book

Allergies? Gluten free? Dairy concerns? Hate bananas? Do you struggle with finding recipes that both taste good AND fit within your specific dietary needs? I will customize a recipe book with a specific number of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, sides and dessert ideas that are ideal for your specific dietary goals. Each recipe book is custom made to order after an initial discussion regarding your individual requirements has been had.

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Health + Run Coaching

This program joins forces with You Run You founder and RRCA certified run coach, Bridget Karg (also my sister!!). This program is designed for anyone who is interested in signing up for their first endurance race or has participated in several races but haven't gotten the results they've wanted. 

As part of this program you will receive a customized training plan as well as continual guidance on how the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can improve your chance of success. Throughout your training cycle, I will work with you to determine what fuels your individual body and together we will to optimize a plan for your training runs, race week and race day. 

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Group Sessions

Periodically I will offer group sessions that are a shorter duration than my 1x1 program and focus on a specific topic such as weight loss, gut health, eating for skin health, etc.



$75 / month

1x1 Health Coaching

  • 6 month program

  • Two :50 minute meetings per month, either virtual or face to face

  • Meeting recap reports

  • One pantry makeover

  • Access to private Pinterest page with personalized recipes

  • Program completion summary form 


Customized Recipe Book

  • A printed recipe book that includes 40 recipes customized to fit your individual needs.

  • An initial 45 minute health consult to align on specific dietary requirements.  

$75 / month + $45 for basic run plan*

Health and Run Coaching

  • 6 month 1x1 Health Coaching Program with me

  • Two virtual meetings with RRCA certified run coach, Bridget Karg 

  • Dynamic 10 - 12 week training plan tailored to your individual goals

*Pricing and plan reflect basic options, more advanced training programs are available upon request. 


Group Coaching Sessions

From time to time I will offer group coaching sessions that are specific to a certain topic. These programs will be shorter in duration compared to the 1x1 health coaching. 

The 10 day program will have daily touch points whereas the 6 week program will be weekly. Both programs will have access to a private facebook group in order to interact with other group members. 


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